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3D Data including:

  • Pelvis rotation, side bend and bend

  • Pelvis sway, thrust and up/down

  • Thorax rotation, side bend and bend

  • Thorax sway, thrust and up/down

  • Pelvis, thorax, lead arm and lead hand peak angular velocities

  • Thorax - lead arm peak stretch

  • Lead and trail shoulder ab/adduction and flexion/extension.

  • Head sway, thrust and up/down.

  • Head rotation, side bend and bend.

  • Hands sway. thrust and up/down.

  • Rate of peak pelvis elevation (representative of vertical ground force).

Functions include:

  • Data compared with movement thresholds depending on anatomical frame shape. 

  • Movement variability showing areas of greatest adaptation between swings.

  • Data shareable via email, text, social media etc..

No subscriptions and no annual or monthly fees, one time purchase.

All for just £395.

App Tutorials

Understanding the data and functions.

Understanding the thresholds and helical angles.

Client entry, calibration and swing capture.

Auto calibration and capture.