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The evolution, formation & creation of Bull3D Academy

Please allow me to share a short history of my story to date.


I was born into what was classed at the time in England as a ‘working class family’. My school education was mapped out in advance of me having any say into what I actually wanted to be educated In, however my parents always reinforced into me that if you work hard, be kind and always aspire then you really can do anything (well almost..).


I say all of this from a place of gratitude, humility, and love that as a child from the background I was born into I was never meant to go to university and do a PhD,  travel the world spending time within truly inspirational people, develop their own motion capture system, design and produce their own mobile app, work with world number ones and major championship golfers, all of which I am beyond grateful for and long may this all continue, however what was the motivator behind all of this was if you truly ‘work hard- be kind’, always be grateful and appreciative, aspire to achieve and ‘never give up’ then these things can sometimes happen.

The Bull3D academy is a collection to date of my experiences, education and self development around all areas influencing and producing human movement and performance including areas such as biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, human behaviours therefore it is an absolute privilege and pleasure that you have allowed me to share this with you.  I continuously question everything including myself in the hope that one day ‘I may find the answer’ although I have always believed in the power of the incomplete process.


What needs reinforcement is that I am so fortunate and privileged to have had so many people in my life to date that have helped me and this is something I am continuously grateful for. Thankfully, you know who you all are…


Thank you so much once again for your support and interest in The Bull3D academy and I hope you are all able to work hard and aspire as who know’s, one day these things may start to happen…


Dr Mark Bull

Bull3D Academy

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