The evolution, formation & creation of Bull3D Academy

My story to date has been one of intrigue, curiosity, frustration, being permanently conflicted in my beliefs, knowledge, know-how and understanding. Therefore when I designed and developed the Bull3D motion capture system it came from and evolved from these emotions. Therefore my approach was to really understand something and work towards a level of mastery I need to build a system and develop it myself.


The Bull3D Academy is the next part of this cycle, from spending time with and meeting coaches globally, from webinars and workshops I have delivered, original research I have produced through my own PhD as well as continued research projects I’m currently involved with,  from travelling the world questioning people into submission in an attempt that one day I may hope to find the ‘answer’ we are now able to share and pass on these experiences to you all.

Seeing every member as a case study of one, this bespoke education program provides innovative research, experience as well as applied know how to all areas around human movement within golf.


If you provide generic education most likely you’ll produce generic thinkers…


Everything we do is movement from thought, to breath and to how we move within our own golf swings therefore embrace this and be part of something special within The Bull3D Academy and join a new movement that is happening in golf coach and trainer education.


Ask yourself:

“How good do you want to be?”