The Kinematic Sequence – where does it sit within the intervention process?

Updated: May 29, 2020

A question I am often presented with early on in most sessions is “what’s my sequence, is it good?” First of all, we need to define what good is and secondly we need to look at if can we change swing function by focusing on adjusting the sequencing or is sequencing the product of movement, function/dysfunction?

My own view and it is one of irony, is that biomechanics is often taught in the wrong sequence, where beliefs are that in order to improve swing function people head straight to the kinematic sequence to solve the problem, identify where there may be some imbalances, whether it be in peak speed order, segment transition order, timing lags between the segments, amount of stretch, rate of stretch/recoil, rate of acceleration/deceleration and rotational speed and then try and adjust these directly in an attempt to solve the problem. Now, let me just start by stating one point- sequencing is vital and a crucial influence on efficiency, consistency, power/speed production, maximising the force-velocity capabilities of muscle-tendon units, injury prevention and is often seen as a signature of skilled golfers (although I ha